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        a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise integrated of R&D, production and sales.

        Hwasun has four workshops and eight production lines for API and formulation products, and has the advantage of Proton Pump Inhibitor API and sustained-release formulation. Main products have been distributed worldwide including EU and Japan. A CEP certificate was granted for Lansoprazole.

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        • 15M+
          Cream/Ointment Capacity
        • 150 tons+
          API Capacity
        • 500M+
          Tablet/Capsule Capacity
        • 4
        • 8
          Production Lines
        01 / 01
        • Research and development

          We keep close cooperation with leading universities and CRO companies. With a group of well-qualified technical talents, we develop new products and optimize existing products, and provide sustainable motivation for the company.

          R&D Orientation

          We focus on developing generic API and sustained-release formulation.

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